zondag 18 mei 2014

It's been a long time.

Yes it's been a long time since I was here.
I was busy with my lessons and other stuff but there was nothing much to tell and show.
But today I can show you a finished quilt. I started it last year but with so many other things to do it was put down for a while. So here it is. I am happy with it. The size is 48 " square.

The sampler I made for my lessons is almost finished. At least the top. I am busy with the corners and with the lovely pattern that has to be even on all four sides it is not really easy and a lot of work. I am new at making these corners but I am sure for people who quilt a lot it is easy as can be. :))) I hope to get there some day.

It is not a good photo at all as it was lying there on the table but you can see how it is going to be.
It is going to be the biggest quilt I made so far.

I have a few more quilts I have to finish so I hope to be back sooner this time.

See you nex time.