maandag 27 februari 2017

Here I am again. Have got a little to show, only nothing finished yet. I  am just in the mood for trying new things, that happens sometimes to me. Probably to many of us too?

So here it is. Umbrella quilt by Edyta Sitar. I just put the blocks down to see how it looks. I ran out of background fabric . First I wanted to stop here by 20 blocks but I think I am going to use other fabric for the backgrounds and make 10 more blocks. As the pattern says. I love this cute quilt.

And I made two more blocks for my Stitchers Garden quilt. Learning machine applique. I still need to
do the applique on all the blocks. I like to do that all at once when I have finished a few blocks again.

So , I hope and love to see you next time.