maandag 1 mei 2017

Umbrella top done.

Yes !, finally done, my umbrella top. It took some time. April was such a busy month but now it is ready to go to the quilters. I was thinking about quilting it myself but I changed my mind. I still have two lying there to be finished and another quilttop almost finished.

For my birthday I got the beautiful new books from Di Ford and Petra Prins . There are several  quilts I would love to make and I already do have the fabric but I told myself I have to finish at least one more top first.;)))

Hope to see you next time and I would love to see your comments  :)))

dinsdag 21 maart 2017

Finally finished.


I finally put the binding and sleeves on these two quilts.  They are hanging in the hallway now.

We took the other ones down and replaced them for these.

The photo's are a bit darker than I thought they would be.

I also (almost) finished this Stitchers garden block. I still need to do the applique .

But I am first  
appliqueing my 30 umbrella blocks.Still 20 to go .

That's it for now.
Hope to see you here next time and I would love to read your comments,
Thank you.

dinsdag 7 maart 2017

top finished.

Yesterday I finished this top. It was waiting for the last border  for some time already but that is done now, so I can take it to be quilted .
What seems blue in the picture is in fact more turkois. I can't get it better on the photo.;))

Actually I am in a finishing mood as I stitched the binding on two quilts this weekend. Just finishing by hand now and and then that is done. I wil show them in my next post.

Hope to see you next time.

maandag 27 februari 2017

Here I am again. Have got a little to show, only nothing finished yet. I  am just in the mood for trying new things, that happens sometimes to me. Probably to many of us too?

So here it is. Umbrella quilt by Edyta Sitar. I just put the blocks down to see how it looks. I ran out of background fabric . First I wanted to stop here by 20 blocks but I think I am going to use other fabric for the backgrounds and make 10 more blocks. As the pattern says. I love this cute quilt.

And I made two more blocks for my Stitchers Garden quilt. Learning machine applique. I still need to
do the applique on all the blocks. I like to do that all at once when I have finished a few blocks again.

So , I hope and love to see you next time.

zondag 29 januari 2017

Been busy.

The last few weeks I have been busy so I have to show something on my blog again.

block nr 4 for my applique course

and nr 5

Lady of the lake.
The blocks are finished and now I have to think about a border. I want it to be a bit larger.

My plan was to make 20 blocks but  I ran out of fabric for the halfsquares. Any suggestions are welcome.:)) 

Hope to see you next time.

maandag 2 januari 2017

Happy NewYear.

Happy New Year to you all.

It  was a very busy December month and I didn't get done what I planned to but as this saying here says : the beginning is the most important part, So.. in the new year I right away started doing my homework for the machine applique lessons.

These two blocks are almost finished and I am busy with nr 3.

I did make a few more Lady of the Lake blocks and I will go on with hem as soon as I finish my homework. The binding of the two finished quilts is still waiting but that is alright . I will get there. :)))

Hope  to see you again.

zondag 4 december 2016

Something changed.

Suddenly I couldn't post on my blog.Google did change something, don't ask me what.

I 'd like to show what is going on here these days.

First, my quilt came back from the quilters. I still have to put the binding on but I wanted  to show it anyway. There is another one coming back next week that I need to finish and I want to do these before 2017.


I aso did start another quilt, one I wanted to make for years,  Lady of the Lake. I made one block long ago and it just sat there with the pattern .
 I finally did choose fabrics and started last week.

Here are my first 7 blocks , The pattern is for 20 blocks so I will be going on  working on it for the next few weeks. Maybe I can finish it before the New year. I am definitely going to try.

Hope to see you next time.