dinsdag 19 mei 2015


And here it is, my beautiful samper. I love it .My husband just finished hanging it. In the hallway where there is plenty of room for it.

I took the photo from our bedroom so the light was not too good, the left side looks darker but that is just on the photo.
Now on to finish two more tops, hehe.
See you next time.

vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Finaly done.

The last few weeks I have been busy  finishing quilts and starting something new also. I finished these three and nr 4 , the sampler is almost finished. I stitched the binding on and now I started the finishing by hand. I can't do it for a long   time because my fingers get sore
.The photo's are not so good but the quilts hang in the hallway and the light is not too good there.

broken dishes .
The photo does not much for the quilt but it is so lovely. I keep touching it all te time.

See you next time.