vrijdag 26 april 2013

Quilts and Spakenburg.




A few days days ago we visited a lovely little old village called Spakenburg. It is situated south of The IJsselmeer in the province of Utrecht.It is one of the few  places left in the Netherlands where some women still wear local tradional clothes.  See my photo´s.

We also visited two museums and in one of them there was an exhibition of 200 beautiful quilts. Some very old ones too. Beautiful. I will show more of them in next posts.


Deze week waren we In Spakenburg. Het heeft nog een oud centrum met twee musea. In het visserij museum was een tentoonstelling  van 200 prachtige quilts waaronder ook hele oude. Dat was genieten.

Ik heb er het boek gekocht dat je hieronder ziet. De moeite waard om te kopen. Veel van de quilts uit dit boek hingen ook in het museum.




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maandag 22 april 2013

Almost finished, bijna klaar.


Here is another one of my crafts that is almost done. I have been cross stitching almost all my life . Sometimes I go for another craft like quilting or crochet but I will always will get back to this favorite of mine. I love cottages  so I stitched one. I have more planned if I can find the time. I do have the patterns.

Hier is nog een werkje van me dat bijna af is. Kruissteek borduren doe ik eigenlijk al mijn hele leven. Soms doe ik ook wel eens wat anders zoals quilten of haken maar de kruissteekjes komen altijd weer terug. Ik ben gek op cottages dus heb ik er maar een geborduurd. Ik ben van plan om er nog meer te borduren , als ik tenminste de tijd ervoor kan vinden. De patronen heb ik al lang.




donderdag 18 april 2013

Something new.


I have been working on this string quilt for quite some time but I have the blocks ready now. I am thinking about the borders and I am sure I have to go to the quilt shop for that. Great!

Here is what I did so far, pretty colorful and I like it.



I love to hear your comments.

donderdag 11 april 2013

Party give away.

Yes, a party because it is my birthday this Sunday and I will be 75!! And I started this new blog to show more of my crafts.
Also I have been blogging for almost 5 years . I found a whole new world with so many new and dear  friends.
I am very thankful for that and because of it  I am going to have a big give-away.
I have different things for different people.Some quilt, some stitch and some have nice other hobbies.
So I will post different photo’s here and there.
If you want to participate in the draw do become a follower on this blog. If you put a link on your blog of this give away you get two entries .
If you are a follower of my other blog or you want to become one you can also participate of course.

Just tell me what you would like from my presents.

The draw will be on the 27th of April

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Link for my give away >>>>>.also.

I will make a list with photo’s on the side of this blog .
Hope to see you here soon.

maandag 8 april 2013


Today I am going to give this blog a real start. I told you it will be mostly about my crafts, new and old ones.

I started this Dresden today. I still have a lot of these charms so I plan to make two more to make a tablerunner or such.

Of course I have plenty of other works in progress but I wanted to try this one first .

See you next time and I will tell all about the give-away then.


I must see if I get this photo here.


vrijdag 5 april 2013

I have been thinking about a give away to open this new blog. I do have some ideas so it won't be long I think.
I see that people are visiting. If you become a follower you are definitely on the give away list and if you follow my other blog Riets photoblog you already have two chances.
Thank you for your visit.