zondag 4 december 2016

Something changed.

Suddenly I couldn't post on my blog.Google did change something, don't ask me what.

I 'd like to show what is going on here these days.

First, my quilt came back from the quilters. I still have to put the binding on but I wanted  to show it anyway. There is another one coming back next week that I need to finish and I want to do these before 2017.


I aso did start another quilt, one I wanted to make for years,  Lady of the Lake. I made one block long ago and it just sat there with the pattern .
 I finally did choose fabrics and started last week.

Here are my first 7 blocks , The pattern is for 20 blocks so I will be going on  working on it for the next few weeks. Maybe I can finish it before the New year. I am definitely going to try.

Hope to see you next time.